Cheap Internet Hosting – Get the Most For Your Money With a Cheap Web Hosting Package

With so many hosting companies competing for your hosting dollar, the companies have had to stretch their imagination to come up with ways to convince you that their company is giving you the most for your money, and consequently, the most affordable hosting package for you. The most typical way they’ve done this is to throw in a bunch of bells and whistles to create full ‘packages’ so that you get everything you need – and a lot you don’t – for one low, affordable price.

To the typical new web hosting customer just putting up a web site of his own for the first time, all the options available can seem like a bowl of alphabet soup: lots of letters with very little meaning. Let’s take a look at some of the most common bells and whistles that you’ll find in web hosting packages typically labeled as affordable.

Storage and Traffic Allotments

These are expressed in MBs and GBs – megabytes and gigabytes. They’re the basic building blocks of all hosting plans. Storage is how much room you have to store files on the hosting company’s server. Traffic is how many bytes of data you can transfer to visitors to your web site.

How much do you need? It depends on what you’re planning to use your web site for. Unless you’ll be running a lot of applications, doing streaming video or audio, or running a very large, database driven web site, you don’t need more than 1 GB of transfer allotment. Likewise, you can estimate the amount of storage space you’ll need by taking a look at how much space your files take up on your computer. Unless you’re planning to store a lot of images or large files, 20 MBs is more than sufficient for your needs.

You can find hosting packages free that offer you 10-25 MBs of storage space, and for $5.95 and less per month that will give you 300 to 1000 MBs.

Free Domain Name or Transfer

Registering your own domain name can cost anywhere from $4.95 to $35 a year, depending on where you register and what top level domain – what’s after the dot – you choose. Transferring your hosting from one web host to another will usually cost about the same. Free domain name savings: 50 cents to a dollar a month.

Unlimited Sub-domains

A sub-domain is a lower level directory in your main directory – except it goes at the FRONT of your web site name instead of after the .com. Some hosting companies charge you to set each one up, or limit the number you can host on your domain. With the number of otherwise identical plans that allow you unlimited sub-domains with no setup fees, there’s no reason to pay extra for them.

Cheap Internet Hosting Guide

The tight competition between all sorts of businesses compels companies to make their presence felt on the World Wide Web. A Web site is a necessity for all companies who want to make information accessible to consumers.

There are a number of Internet service providers to choose from. Depending on the type of business you handle and the traffic your site attracts, you can find an affordable Internet hosting service that suits your needs.

Some Considerations

Before finalizing your decision regarding which Internet hosting company you will be negotiating with, it is essential that you first establish the amount of Web space you need. It is rare for a site to need over 100MB of space for its daily operations. The usual rate for 1MB of space is 10 cents.

Find out your site?s bandwidth requirements. Bandwidth refers to how quickly the transfer of data, graphics, and images from your own Web site to that of the consumer?s computer can take place. Relatively higher bandwidth is needed to transmit enormous files such as video, audio, and high-resolution images. Generally, one GB of bandwidth costs less than $3 for one regular Web site.

It is important to choose an Internet hosting service provider that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The normal uptime of a hosting service provider should be at least 99%. Reliability should go hand in hand with affordability when you choose your provider.

Make a short-term contract with the provider in case you?re unhappy with the services rendered once you?ve signed up. In some cases, you will only find out if the support they give really meets your needs after a few months with the provider.

By keeping in mind these guidelines, you can be assured that your encounter with a cheap Internet hosting company will be enjoyable, proficient, and economical. Shopping around, exploring all angles, and collecting first-hand tales of experiences from colleagues will help you make your decision.

The Best Cheap Internet Web Hosting Service Will Have an Easy-To-Use Control Panel

There are so many qualities that the best cheap internet web hosting service should have. One of these qualities is the ability to give its clients the freedom to manage different aspects of their web hosting accounts themselves. And this is where the control panel comes to play a major role.

Actually, the control panel is what is used by a person who has signed up for the best cheap internet web hosting service to mange different aspects of his or her web hosting account.

The best cheap internet web hosting service will have an easy to use control panel where you can change the password of your account, add and delete email addresses, create POP3 email accounts, forward your email messages from one email address to another etc.

You shouldn’t sign up with a web host where you will have to contact their technical support team before you can do what should have been easily done. The best cheap internet web hosting service will certainly not offer this kind of service.

There are some more common activities that a webmaster needs to perform when he or she signs up with a web host using the control panel. The truth is that without the control panel, a web hosting service is useless. And this is another reason why the best cheap internet web hosting service will always have an easy to use control panel. For instance, if you want to create a forum for your website, you will need the control panel because the forum creator tool is in the control panel.

Imagine what a web host would be like without a control panel. I hope you can now see from my point of view that the best cheap internet web hosting service cannot do without a control panel.